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Traditional CSA share


We offer traditional CSA shares in two sessions- Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall. CSAs provide your farmers with an influx of capital at the start of our growing season — the most essential and cost-intensive part of the season. CSAs also allow us to better manage our production demands, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency in providing our clients with fresh seasonal products. We could not do what we do without your continued support.

What is a CSA (community-supported agriculture)?

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to connect with your food and your farmer! Your investment at the start of our season helps us buy the seeds and soil amendments and pay for the labor to get the crops in the ground. By investing directly in your farmer, you are helping to build a vibrant food community in Southern Arizona and to ensure quality and accountability in our food system.

Traditional CSA shares offer the security of knowing that a hand-picked, fresh-packed selection of seasonal produce is ready and waiting for pick up at our market stand. CSA shares are held for our members until the end of the market.

CSA members can expect to receive a $25/week basket of seasonal goods lasting for a 13 week season. We offer a Spring/Summer, and a Summer/Fall CSA share each at $300/season. (We also offer a year-long CSA.) The value of pre-purchasing a CSA share affords our CSA members the 13th week free. Traditional shares are particularly helpful for us in planning how much produce to take to our farmers’ markets and in deciding how much of each crop to sow at the start of the season. Shares will be distributed at the Heirloom Farmers Market at Rillito Downs (Sunday) or Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market at Mercado San Agustin (Thursday).

Spring/Summer CSA – April 19, 2016 through July 12, 2016

** Please pay for Spring/Summer shares before March 1st! **

Summer/Fall CSA – August 16, 2016 through November 8, 2016

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If you want to pre-purchase a CSA share for the upcoming season please contact us by email.


By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to our CSA Terms & Agreements. This link contains some important information, so please check it out!