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Year-long CSA and Farm Card options

Some of our members choose to purchase an entire year’s worth of vegetables up front, and as a smaller farming operation, we love this. We are currently offering two year-long options: the Traditional CSA and the Farm Card.

Benefits of the Year-Long Traditional CSA:
-A share of seasonal produce is set aside for you every week at one of our three markets (with pick-up location of your choosing)
-Members can pick up their share at any time during market
-Receive CSA shares continually year-round (no breaks, like there are between the seasonal 13-week CSA sessions)
-Start anytime

Benefits of the Year-Long Farm Card:
-Flexibility (use your farm card credit for anything available at any of our three markets)
-No commitment to a weekly pick-up, you can use it however often you choose
-Start anytime

Both the Year-Long Traditional CSA and Year-Long Farm Cards are available for a purchase of $1,100. As a thank you for your long-term investment, we will happily add an additional $100 credit to your farm card. After purchase, we will contact you to determine the best CSA start-date for your family.

What is CSA (community-supported agriculture)?
Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to connect with your food and your farmer! Your investment at the start of our season helps us buy the seeds and soil amendments, and pay for the labor, to get the crops in the ground. By investing directly in your farmer, you are helping to build a vibrant food community in Southern Arizona and to ensure quality, transparency and accountability in our food system.

Traditional CSA vs. Farm Card
Traditional CSA shares offer the security of knowing that a hand-picked, fresh-packed selection of seasonal produce is ready and waiting for pick up at our market stand. CSA shares are held for our members until the end of the market.

The Farm Card model gives members the freedom to spend their card’s balance on whichever of our products are available that day at market. Farm Card members may also use their cards to pre-order and purchase bulk items (i.e. tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, seasonal fruit for canning, etc.). The downside is that members who come a bit late to market may miss out on products we’ve sold out of.

Farm Card Members may spend down their credit with us at any of our farmers markets. Traditional CSA Members also can pick up their shares at the market of their choice. (Click here to view our current list of farmers markets.)

Use the drop-down menu to view options:

If the year-long options don’t work for you, we also offer seasonal (13-week) traditional CSA shares.(Click here for more info)

If you want to purchase a One-Year CSA Farm Card please contact us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to our CSA Terms & Agreements. This link contains some important information, so please check it out!