Sleeping Frog Farms

Real Fruits and Vegetables – Cascabel, Arizona

Invest and Support Our Work


We are always grateful for support of any kind, including donations, vegetable trades and low-interest private loans. Below you’ll find details about investment opportunities and our current wish list.

Wish list:

Weedwacker: gas-powered, industrial strength, Stihl brand

Working truck or John Deere Gator cart to serve as an on-the-farm vehicle

Chainsaw: Stihl brand, 12- or 16-inch farm/ranch grade

Walk-in refrigerator

Eco-friendly washing machine

Heavy-duty, two-wheel garden carts

Hand tools (shovels, hula hoes, trowels, work gloves)

Tough sheds for storage

We always need milk crates, wood and building materials in good condition, shelving, trailers for intern housing, working tillers, tractors, and other farm equipment/implements.


Investment Opportunities:

Community Supported Agriculture is the lifeblood of our farm, and we thank all of our CSA members for their support. But in order to expand our operations, we need to seek out larger funding opportunities. Therefore, we are always searching for creative private funding arrangements. We have farm projects ranging in cost and scope. If you would like to discuss specific investment opportunities, please contact us by email at

For more information about the importance of investing in small local agriculture, check out this short, dynamic video about the concept of investing in the soil and in local foods.