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Real Fruits and Vegetables – Cascabel, Arizona

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Developed in the 1960s in Japan, Community Supported Agriculture is a way for communities to share the risks and the bounty of the harvest with the farmer. CSAs offer a positive alternative to the conventional agricultural system and works to create a viable economic model in which farmers receive 100 percent of the food dollar.

In a CSA, consumers buy shares in a farm’s output before the growing season starts, and then reap the benefits of the harvest each week as the season progresses. CSA members agree to share in the fluctuation and variations inherent in farming, and understand that their produce will be grown with sound sustainable farming practices. Members are, in essence, shareholders in the farm, thus becoming invested in its successes and failures.

In the Spring of 2014, we began a new phase of our CSA development: the CSA Farm Card model. Here are the details:

  • Farm Card members have the opportunity to pre-purchase farm cards for $150 or $300 for a season, or $1100 for a year. Farm card balances will expire after the specified season.
  • Members will be able to use their cards to purchase ANY of our products (including value-added goods and the occasional fruits/vegetables from our neighboring farms).
  • Farm Card members receive a 10% discount on all market items.
  • Farm Card members may use their cards to pre-order and purchase bulk items (i.e. tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, seasonal fruit for canning, etc)


To purchase a Summer 2014 Farm Card, click here.