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Real Fruits and Vegetables – Cascabel, Arizona

Chef & Restaurant Clients


Since our inception in 2008, we have worked with over twenty Southern Arizona restaurants, providing chefs with high quality, specialty vegetables. Most of our restaurant clients have a rotating, seasonal menu, or are able to employ creativity in the kitchen in order to feature local ingredients. As the “eat local” wave has begun to sweep the nation, consumers are seeking out information regarding the origin of their food. Many of our partner restaurants have answered this demand by listing our farm name on their menu as a way to showcase their commitment to local agriculture.


If you are a Southern Arizona restaurant owner, buyer, or chef who might be interested in using our produce, we’d love to talk with you about our sales options. In addition to general sales, we also offer a Restaurant CSA program. You can read more about our Restaurant CSA program below.


Restaurant CSA


Our restaurant CSA option is a unique way to integrate locally grown, seasonal produce into your menu.  Purchasing CSA shares for your establishment not only gives us the up-front capital we need to grow the quantity and diversity of produce necessary to supply your business, but the CSA arrangement offers you the consistency of a weekly or bi-weekly delivery, priority ordering, and the ability to plan your menu around what we’ll most likely have growing during your CSA session.


During your CSA session, we’ll be in weekly contact with a representative from your restaurant. This allows us to communicate about the seasonal produce we have available, as well as to give the chef or buyer the ability to order or approve the items in their share.


Since farming requires us to constantly be planning ahead, it is necessary for us to order seed a season in advance, and to begin planting 8-12 weeks before we aim to harvest. That said, with enough notice, we are happy to work with you to identify certain items that you would like to feature on your menu, with the potential of adding particular varieties to our planting calendar.


Restaurant shares are offered year round for sessions of approximately 12 weeks at a time. We offer half shares for $1,500 per session ($125 in delivered goods per week) or full shares for $3,000 per session ($250 in delivered goods per week). Restaurants can choose to pay the total amount up front or break the amount into two half payments.


For more information about our restaurant sales options, please contact us at